From CODECS: Online Database and e-Resources for Celtic Studies
CODECS: Online Database and eResources for Celtic Studies
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Photograph of the Grianán of Ailech, Co. Donegal, kindly made available by Greg Clarke at flickr.com (CC BY 2.0). Two figures have been added to the original image: a scribe (left), based on a manuscript of Gerald of Wales’ Topographia Hiberniae, and a poet and harp-player (right), based on a woodcut in The image of Irelande by John Derricke.

The *selgā catalogue for Celtic studies

An ongoing collaborative project for Celtic studies that is building a web-based resource for teaching and research. Its core features are a tightly integrated catalogue of texts (1579 entries) and manuscripts (795 entries) together with a bibliography (14231 entries).

Tionscadal na Nod

An annotated collection of abbreviations and other scribal devices from vernacular Irish manuscripts, intended to make it easier for students and others to read, explore and enjoy the work of Irish scribes. This initiative was conceived in 2011 and arose from a discussion on OLD-IRISH-L, an electronic mailing list devoted to early Irish language and literature.

A random selection:

Re-circle-RawlB512f12vb.pngEc digraph Laud610f146r.pngErenn-RawlB506f11ra.pngDotcomma-LUp120b.pngRe-23E29p159b.pngR (rotunda).pngUaire.pngNa-23E29p162b.png Na2-23E29p162b.pngSeacht2.pngA12p37-unde dicitur.pngDa-RIA3B23p35a9.png3num-23O48f2rb8.pngImthechusLaud610f146r.pngL2a.png L2b.png L2c.pngSusp-m-stroke-ainm.pngEch digraph Laud610f146r.pngM1(23P2f79v)2.png M2(23P2f108r)2.png M2-23E29p111.png M-23E29p111.pngAr-Dii1f124rb.png Quod-RawlB512f31va.pngB2a.png B2b.pngLUp61b-eper.pngVero.pngM-with-susp-stroke.pngQ-LUp6a.pngStrokethroughstem.pngCeannfaoieitte-LUf5a.png Ceann-faoi-eite.jpg Ceann-faoi.png Cenn-fo-eitte-RIAD1iif3vb.png G1303p17-ceannfaoi.png Ceann-23P12f167va.png Ceann-half.png Ceann-RawlB506f11r.pngUí.pngSin1.png Sin2.pngSc-scel.pngI-superscript-ang.pngHoc2-23O48af26r.pngRi-rounded.png Ri-rounded-2.pngUsuprounded-23O48af26rb.png U-superscript-23P12f195va.pngM-vertical-23E29p159b.pngTsuper-LUp5a.pngRr-rotunda.pngEr-RawlB506f1va.pngDebide-23P12f158ra.pngN2a.png N2b.png N3a.pngCc (digraph).pngComram.pngG1303p17-acht.pngDh breve ponc.png

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