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Results for Mediaeval Studies

Author Title Page(s)
Meens (Rob)
‘Aliud benitenciale’: the ninth-century Paenitentiale Vindobonense C 1–26
Dutton (Paul Edward), Luhtala (Anneli)
Eriugena In Priscianum 153–163
Meens (Rob)
The Penitential of Finnian and the textual witness of the Paenitentiale Vindobonense ‘B’ 243–255
Brown (Alan K.)
Bede, a Hisperic etymology, and early sea poetry 419–432
Murdoch (Brian O.)
An early Irish Adam and Eve: Saltair na rann and the traditions of the Fall 146–177
Hennig (John)
The function of the Martyrology of Tallaght 315–328
Hennig (John)
The Megas Kanon of Andrew of Crete and the Félire of Oengus the Culdee 280–293
Fowler (David C.)
The date of the Cornish Ordinalia 91–125
McNally (Robert E.)
Dies Dominica: two Hiberno-Latin texts 355–361
Hennig (John)
Appellations of saints in early Irish martyrologies 227–233
Selmer (Carl)
The vernacular translations of the Navigatio sancti Brendani: a bibliographical study 145–157
Hennig (John)
The place of Irish saints in late mediaeval English hagiography 165–171
Hennig (John)
The Irish counterparts of the Anglo-Saxon Menologium 98–106
Hennig (John)
A note on the traditions of St. Frediano and St. Silao of Lucca 234–242
Hull (Vernam)
Cert ríg Caisil: The right of the King of Cashel 233–238
Hennig (John)
The meaning of All the Saints 147–161
Hennig (John)
Cataldus Rachav. A study in the early history of diocesan supremacy in Ireland 217–244
Hennig (John)
St. Albert, patron of Cashel. A study in the history of diocesan episcopacy in Ireland 21–39
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